Spinelli Genoa Port Terminal Optimizes Servicing With Terberg Connect Telematics

1/19/2020 9:56:00 AM - Terberg Special Veheicles

Gruppo Spinelli is a leading Italian logistics service provider. The family-owned company was founded in 1963 and initially specialised in road transport. Nowadays they cover the entire logistics chain and handle over 1.5 million TEU every year at their depots in northern and central Italy.

They have 25 Terberg tractors, both RT223s for RoRo operations and YT222s for terminal operations. Their latest RT223 units feature the Terberg Connect telematics system to collect valuable vehicle data to optimize fleet management. This enables the maintenance department to track and monitor these tractors continuously and optimize servicing.

The new YT222 tractors have the latest Cummins Stage 5 engines - the cleanest engines currently available.

The Genoa Port Terminal is highly efficient at handling container and RoRo traffic. It deals with 600,000 TEU/yr and has benefitted from major investments in recent years and can now accommodate vessels up to 294 metres long. The terminal’s handling equipment includes 10 mobile cranes and 18 reach stackers.