Hydrogen Terminal Tractor Development

In October 2020 Terberg started testing its first concept hydrogen-powered terminal tractor (YT203-H2) at UWT in the Port of Rotterdam. The tractor, developed in collaboration with zepp.solutions, will be further tested at a number of other customer sites in 2021.

The tractor works amongst conventional diesel terminal tractors, pulling the same loads, while being remotely monitored to collect a wide range of data.

Via this webpage we will keep you updated on further developments.

  • Working with the concept tractor since last October, test drivers Alex and Serge of UWT Terminals are unanimous about the driving experience: “It’s definitely an improvement”

    Each day the YT203-H2 concept tractor is in operation, a wide range of data is being collected through remote monitoring. However, the driver experience is crucial for successful introduction in the working environment. After all, they will spend hours on end in these new generation terminal tractors.

    Driver Alex Hodge picks up the tractor at six in the morning to work the first shift. “This tractor is really powerful and comfortable. The way it drives is as if it almost floats across the street, even with a 20 or 40 feet container hooked up.”

    At UWT the concept hydrogen tractor is used to take containers from ships and unloading docks to the designated terminals. Refueling is done at the nearby hydrogen station of Air Liquide.

    Driver Sergio de Boer takes the second shift starting at 2:00 in the afternoon. To his opinion, it is a very cool ride: “It’s definitely an improvement. The test version is extensively equipped and the seating is great. The cabin is spacious and offers an open view due to the large windows and the many mirrors. You automatically drive more relaxed because it’s so silent and there is no vibration of a roaring engine.”  

    The driving experience depends for a great deal on the tuning of software and components. The behavior of the concept tractor can actually be programmed according to a set of rules regarding safety, power consumption, performance and endurance. This test phase is crucial to analyze data and continuously optimize the concept. Next to performance we will focus on maintenance and TCO.

    To be continued!

Projected Development Plan YT203-H2

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