Next generation electric terminal tractors

Benefit from high performance, extended range, flexiblity in battery options and worldwide use in warm and cold climates.

Terberg introduces a new generation of electric vehicles with new EV technology, including the YT203-EV terminal tractor and the BC202-EV body carrier. The performance of the new electric motor is comparable with that of a diesel engine and the large battery option for the YT203-EV offers a significantly greater  operating range (222 kWh). Additionally, the new battery technology has an extended temperature range due to the Thermal Management System (TMS) and can therefore be used worldwide in both cold and warm climates.

  • The electric drive has fewer moving parts than a diesel engine and the previous EV generation. This contributes to low maintenance costs. The multifunctional design of the tractor and the EV system gives service engineers good access to components. All this helps to reduce downtime for maintenance.

  • The new batteries are temperature controlled and can therefore be used at any ambient temperature between -30°C and +50°C*. This makes the Terberg YT203-EV and BC202-EV suitable for use anywhere in the world!

    * Additional measures may be required in extreme temperatures.

  • The new battery packs have been thoroughly tested. The batteries and complete vehicle comply with the ECE-R100 rev. 2 regulation. This regulation is a key European requirement for the approval of electric vehicles. The tests cover aspects such as resistance to vibration, acceleration, impact, thermal loads, fire and short-circuits, and electrical safety.

  • The YT203-EV and BC202-EV use DC chargers and can be charged at standard charging stations. The new, universal charging connector complies with the CCS2.0 automotive standard. This means the vehicles can be charged using any charger with a CCS2.0 connection and the appropriate specifications. Customers can use a universal charging infrastructure for Terberg and other vehicles, and for trucks and cars.

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