Terberg developed its automation architecture based on three function layers.

The Terberg “drive by wire” system can be controlled via an interface which can be used for further automation or development. An automation layer is integrated in the vehicle with relevant safety levels in accordance with ISO 13849-1/2.  The "drive by wire" controls the operational systems of the vehicle, such as driveline, braking system, steering system, fifth wheel, lift table and lights.

The second layer is the “Electronic driver” that uses the drive by wire layer and is able to “drive” the vehicle, meaning that the vehicle is able to maneuver, in a controlled manner along a preprogrammed path. This functional layer, developed by autonomous partners, gives the flexibility to connect the vehicle in a customer automation program cable of controlling vehicles.

The 3rd layer is the system from which the AutoTUG™ gets its instructions, the central logistics system that manages a fleet of AutoTUGs.


In addition to our drive by wire system, we are partnering with suppliers to integrate an autonomous system allowing AutoTUG to share traffic lanes with conventional trucks. This includes cameras, radars and laser-based sensors for navigation, collision avoidance and pedestrian detection.

A central computer on the vehicle processes all sensor information in real time, takes decisions, and verifies the route. By introducing more intelligence to the vehicle, it can resolve issues onboard, without the complexity of all decisions being made in the Equipment Control System.

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