Aurubis AG chooses Terberg Container Carrier over conventional truck for yard operations

5/26/2020 7:04:00 PM - Terberg Special Vehicles

Aurubis AG is a leading worldwide provider of non-ferrous metals and the largest copper recycler worldwide. In 2006 the Lünen site invested in a YT222 Container Carrier with double rear axle (6x4). This vehicle is still used daily to handle containers weighing as much as 40 tonnes, making up to 140 cycles per day.

Terberg Container Carrier more durable
The Lünen plant also used a conventional truck with hooklift system for container handling. However, the heavy loads resulted in deformation and cracking of the chassis. Hence the site has now ordered another Terberg YT222 Container Carrier to replace this vehicle.

The main Aurubis plant in Hamburg has a fleet of RT tractors used with goosenecks and roll trailers and will also start with an electric Terberg YT202-EV tractor.