Distributor Meeting in Gent: Moving forward together

14& 15 September 2023

“Moving Forward Together” means for Terberg to cooperate with the best representatives of our brand worldwide and to share our culture and know-how.

We are honored to work with so many talented people and we understand that sharing our vision and strategy is important to retain our valuable partnership. It is the key to our future success. Therefore these days are so important!

It has been too long since we all have been together. This is why we have decided to combine sales and after-sales.

You can expect a variety of activities and contents to be discussed. On the first day we will start with a plenary session about Terberg Special Vehicles, followed by interactive workshops to share information and receive your feedback. In the afternnoon we will visit DFDS and Terberg Tractors Belgium in its brand new facility, followed by an evening program at an external location.

On the second day we will continue with the workshops, followed by interesting key note speakers in the afternoon. We will round off the event with a quiz. You can find more details in the agenda below.


Van der Valk Hotel Ghent
Van der Valk Hotel Ghent

The plenary session and workshops will be held in the hotel during the first day. The second day will be hosted in the MeetDistrict conference center located accross the street.

DFDS visit (day 1)
DFDS visit (day 1)

In the afternoon we will visit customer DFDS in the port of Ghent.

Teleoperation demo Fernride (day 1)
Teleoperation demo Fernride (day 1)

At Terberg Tractors Belgium Fernride will provide a teleoperation demo.

Tour Terberg Tractors Belgium (day 1)
Tour Terberg Tractors Belgium (day 1)

Terberg Tractors Belgium will provide a tour of the new building.

MeetDistrict (day 2)
MeetDistrict (day 2)

Day 2 the plenary sessions and workshops will be held in the MeetDistrict conference center located accross the street.

Keynote Carlo van de Weijer (day 2)
Keynote Carlo van de Weijer (day 2)

The General Manager of the Eindhoven AI Systems Institute, publicist and speaker will deep dive into using data in automotive to create more opportunities, reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction.


September 14

07.00h Breakfast (Van der Valk hotel Ghent)
08.15h All distributors arrive at the plenary room of the hotel (room Graslei)
08.30h Welcome by Rob van Hove: Moving Forward Together
08.45h Introduction by Frank Oerlemans & Dave Brouwer
09.30h Day program and introduction to workshops
09.40h Workshop round 1
11.10h Coffee break
11.40h Workshop round 2
13.10h Lunch
14.00h Departure by bus to DFDS (Group) and Terberg Tractors Belgium (Group)
14.45h Bus 1: Presentation and tour at DFDS
  Bus 2: Fernride teleoperation demo at Terberg Tractors Belgium
15.45h Bus 1: Fernride teleoperation demo at Terberg Tractors Belgium
  Bus 2: Presentation and tour at DFDS
16.45h Guided tour new facility Terberg Tractors Belgium
18.00h Departure to the location of the evening program (no opportunity for changing at the hotel)
23.00h (approx) Return to the Van der Valk hotel

September 15

07.00h Breakfast (Van der Valk hotel Ghent) - check out
08.30h Program of the day (at conference center MeetDistrict across the street!)
08.45h Workshop round 3
10.15h Coffee break
10.45h Workshop round 4
12.30h Lunch
13.30h Key note speaker Professor Carlo van de Weijer on: Vehicle and User Data
14.15h Quiz
14.45h Final words
15.00h End, return to hotel / airport


Conny van Hall: +31 6 275 169 73 - cvhall@terbergbenschop.nl
Rafael Rivas Kriek: +31 6 10 993 585
Gert Jan van Hilten: +31 6 10 073 560
Frank Oerlemans: +31 6 22 234 547
Dave Brouwer: +31 6 10 133 513


Dennis Kerkhof (BHV): +31 6 13 764 298


In fact this is all about the future. The road to this future is not without hurdle’s. So we will talk about how can we overcome these and what is our Strategy for the coming years. After-sales for this type of vehicles will require changes in our and your organisation. Also the training to be ready for this will be subject of this workshop.

All you want to know about the RT products. We will present the results of a review we have done amongst several large customers with regards to the Electrification of the RT. The results will be presented and discussed. For after-sales, options with regards to repowering, midlife updates, overhaul and connectivity will be subjects for this workshop.

The new YTxx3 is now 3 years on the market. What new options are available, what has been improved and how was it received in the market? The subject of rental has been discussed before. This is so important to be able to remain financially strong, that again we have put it on the agenda.

Both in sales and after-sales we have a new system that will help you to easier offer the products and its related service to your customers. We will show you what these are, when they will be available for you and what advantages these have for you.