Terberg announces a new generation of yard tractors

11/14/2019 2:37:00 PM - Terberg Special Vehicles

These innovative Yard Tractors are even more robust and durable than the YT182/YT222 and even easier to maintain and update. They are compatible with all power options (diesel, electric and later hydrogen) and ready for the future. The new Terberg YT Series are designed for use at ports, distribution centres, industrial sites and airports. Deliveries of the initial models, the YT193 and YT223, will start the summer of 2020.

The new Terberg YT Series is a multifunctional platform. It enables Terberg to offer all power options (stage 5 certified diesel engines, 3rd generation electric drives and, at a later stage, hydrogen fuel cell drivelines). These Yard Tractors also form the new platform for the automated AutoTUGTM. This range enables Terberg to contribute to a cleaner future, help reduce fuel consumption using state-of-the-art engine technology, and make transport more sustainable. The extremely robust and durable chassis ensures a very long life and high residual value.

Ergonomics and comfort
The spacious cab has an ergonomic design to optimise operator convenience. The cab suspension is similar to that used in road trucks and is particularly comfortable. The intuitive fingertip controls are placed next to the driver's seat. The overhead storage bin and storage compartments in the new dashboard are easily accessible and highly functional. The large windows are slightly angled which gives the driver excellent visibility in all directions and prevents distracting reflections. Again, Terberg offers tractor operators the best ergonomics and comfort in all respects.

Maintenance and management
The new terminal tractors feature an innovative galvanised chassis of an entirely new, patented, design. To ensure the best possible performance the fatigue resistance and durability of the chassis were extensively tested, both in the laboratory and on the extremely rough Papenburg test track in Germany.

Terberg designed the vehicle to give service engineers even quicker and easier access to the mechanical and electronic components than before. For example, the entire dashboard can be removed or refitted in minutes. Similarly, covers, bumpers and windows are easily replaceable if they are damaged. The efficient design reduces the time and cost of maintenance and repairs.

The new electronics architecture is based on the CAN bus and supports future updates over the air. With the Terberg Connect software users can gather valuable operational data from the Yard Tractors to optimise their fleet management. This makes it possible to track vehicle movements and schedule preventive maintenance to maximise the availability of the tractors.

Practical features
Terberg is also introducing a number of improvements to facilitate day-to-day operations and improve productivity. For example, the fuel tank and AdBlue tank are located on the same side, and the fuel tank capacity is significantly higher than before. The upgraded hydraulics provide improved functional safety and better control of the lowering of the lifting frame. There is now also a sensor to measure the fifth wheel height.