NAP transport very pleased with the Terberg BC202-EV fully-electric Body Carrier

7/7/2020 2:04:35 PM - Terberg Special Vehicles

As part of the product launch process and to get customer feedback, the new Terberg fully electric Body Carrier was operated by Nap Transport at the DPD parcels site in Veenendaal in the Netherlands for several months early in 2020.

Director Arjan Nap: "We were very pleased with the electric Terberg Body Carrier. The fact that it is very quiet is highly appreciated, and all functions of the Terberg BC202-EV operate in the same way as on the diesel version. That is why we now prefer fully electric operation. The drivers really like it."

Driver Willem Brouwer adds: "I would like to emphasize that the lack of engine noise makes the work very pleasant, and the vehicle has good acceleration and is very agile. I can easily drive 10 to 11 hours with it on 1 charge."

DPD also welcomes sustainable innovations such as the electric Terberg Body Carrier. "At DPD we take our responsibilities, to our customers and to our employees and society, seriously.  That is why we want to reduce our environmental impact. We are working on new, environmentally-friendly options for processing and shipping parcels." so explains Anoek van Dooremaal, Manager Sustainability at DPD.