About Terberg Special Vehicles

In 1869, Johannes Bernardus Ter Berg started a village blacksmith in Benschop. After the Second World War, Terberg began converting used American military trucks. This later evolved into the construction of regular trucks and the commencement of exports. In 1973, Terberg launched their first harbor tractor. Since then, Terberg has been dedicated to innovating and optimizing their products. Nowadays, Terberg is recognized as the manufacturer of tractors in the port, industrial, and logistics sectors. Terberg offers multiple models tailored to specific applications.

Terberg has grown into a massive company with customers worldwide. They strive to deliver the utmost quality to consumers, aided by distributors scattered across the globe.

Currently, Terberg is actively engaged in making their products more sustainable, taking steps towards an optimal electric harbor tractor. Additionally, progress is being made in developing a harbor tractor powered by hydrogen and one that operates without a driver.

Former Director George Terberg with current director Rob van Hove
Former Director George Terberg with current director Rob van Hove

With a close relationship between various departments and distributors spread across the globe, Terberg Benschop can provide a solution for all requirements in the field of harbor tractors. Terberg Benschop guarantees excellent service at all times.

In addition to supplying Terberg tractors, we also offer comprehensive service. In the market, we are known as a trustworthy partner you can rely on. If you want to learn more about the tractors or our service offerings, feel free to contact us today; our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you.

History of Terberg Special Vehicles