Terberg Benschop is expanding production capacity to meet global demand

4/10/2023 6:39:00 AM

In recent years, Terberg has made great strides as a global player in the production of terminal tractors. The demand for Terberg vehicles is unprecedented. To be able to meet customers' needs, an expansion of the Low Volume Assembly line at the production location in Benschop is required. A completely new hall of 2000 m² will be completed at the Terberg Benschop site by the end of 2024. On Friday 31 March, Godfried Terberg, Chairman of the Board of the Royal Terberg Group, had the honour of driving the first pile, a memorable moment that was celebrated.

The current Low Volume Assembly hall covers 2200m² and will be expanded with a new hall of 2000m², which will almost double the production capacity. 350m² of offices, meeting and technical rooms will also be added. To optimize the new production line, the current Low Volume Assembly will also be updated and refurbished. Full production capacity is expected to be reached by end-2024.

One of Terberg's core values ​​is sustainability. It goes without saying that Terberg is doing everything possible to minimize the environmental footprint of this project. The new production line will be equipped with underfloor heating and cooling supplied by a heat pump, a natural gas-free alternative. The heat pump will be powered by zero carbon electricity generated by the numerous solar panels on the roof of the new hall.

The construction and renovation project will result in a better working environment for our employees, a lower environmental impact and a higher production capacity.