Remote operation testing at ITS ConGlobal

2/11/2021 8:19:29 AM - Terberg Special Vehicles

At ITS ConGlobal in Oakland California Phantom Auto is testing a Terberg drive by wire terminal tractor for remote operations (teleoperation). After reaching the final stages of the commissioning process the unit will be deployed for actual remote shunting operations at ITS ConGlobal.

About remote operation

Remote operation or teleoperation can supplement all types of yard automation. Vehicle managers can control multiple vehicles at several sites and automated vehicles can be deployed in locations where manned operation is uncomfortable or even dangerous. In addition, remote operation can be useful in combination with autonomous functions. Issues that cannot be handled by the automation systems can be resolved remotely, without on-site intervention. By using remote operation terminal operators can develop experience of automated yard operations more quickly. New situations can be recognized and resolved by updating the autonomous system. This will reduce the need for intervention by a teleoperator.

Below a sneak peek into ITS ConGlobal remote operations. More news to come.