New premises Terberg Tractors Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur

1/9/2024 11:00:00 PM - Terberg Special Vehicles

Terberg Tractors Malaysia (TTM) moved into a purpose-built new head office in Puchong, Selangor (Kuala Lumpur). This provides an excellent work environment for our people, and a place where they can meet customers. One of the aims of the interior design was to bring internal balance, promoting a more efficient working environment.

The design incorporates the five elements of feng shui: earth, water, fire, wood, metal. Each floor has its own colour scheme. The rooftop garden can be used for working or entertaining, with a view of the surrounding nature. On the top floor a range of paintings and antiques are displayed, to enjoy wile resting the body and soul in the chill-out area. There is also a workshop on ground level, for servicing and inspecting terminal tractors.

The new building fulfils TTM’s ambition of having its own building with a clear and visible brand identity.