Terberg Introduces the Next Gen BC203EV Electric Body Carrier

6/3/2024 11:38:46 AM - Terberg Special Vehicles

Terberg started delivery of its latest innovation tailored for distribution centers: the BC203EV second generation Electric Body Carrier. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the BC202EV, this new model offers enhanced driver comfort, durability, and maintainability. The BC Series, which also includes a diesel variant, is specifically designed to manage Swap Bodies for the intralogistics of distribution centers.

A standout feature of the BC203EV is a new driver cabin, which already features on its diesel counterpart BC183. Equipped with a joystick conveniently positioned on the armrest, operators can effortlessly control the functions of the body carrier for swap bodies.

The BC203EV has a comparable motor performance as its diesel counterpart and offers the versatility of a Body Carrier with an optional fifth wheel for handling semi-trailers (with a capacity of 15 tons) or drawbar couplings for drawbar trailers, catering to diverse transportation needs. The technical lifting frame capacity is 25 tons.

The vehicle can be equipped with battery pack combination options of up to 157,6 kWh and can be fully charged approximately one hour (max. charging capacity 130 kWh p/h). In addition, the BC203EV features a state-of-the-art Thermal Management System (TMS) capable of operating worldwide in extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C*. The batteries and vehicle comply with ECE-R100 rev. 3. The universal charging connector complies with the CCS2.0 automotive standard and the EV drive has regenerative braking to reduce the energy consumption and this also reduces wear on the brakes.

As with the previous model, the BC203EV includes the Terberg Connect telematics system as standard, facilitating vehicle monitoring and data analysis to optimize fleet management and operational performance.

With these advanced features and enhancements, the Terberg BC203EV Swap Body Carrier establishes a new benchmark for sustainable and efficient yard operations for handling swap bodies. It empowers distribution centers to meet the demands of modern intralogistics while minimizing environmental impact.

The BC203EV is suitable for swap body types C715, C745 and C782 following DIN EN284.

* Additional measures may be required in extreme temperatures.

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