YILPORT extends Terberg fleet, based on low TCO and high quality

4/26/2023 6:39:00 AM

YILPORT is an ambitious terminal operator with a focus on quality and sustainability. When selecting a supplier for terminal tractors the company assessed the options and decided on Terberg, based on quality, fuel consumption and lowest overall TCO.

Raymond Hohle, YILPORT's Chief technical officer: "For many years, YILPORT has operated Terberg tractors at a number of terminals. We recently needed 23 new terminal tractors, so we studied the vehicles offered by several suppliers and analysed the historical information in our own databases. We focussed on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and quality. Given their low fuel consumption, quality, and reliability the Terberg units proved to have the lowest TCO. Although the initial cost was higher, the break-even point was reached after just a year and a half. Terberg tractors also have a lower carbon footprint, which supports our corporate environmental strategy.

Different models, optimised for each terminal

The tractors will be used at terminals in Portugal, Italy, and Turkey, for different applications. Hence the requirements for the drivelines and emission standards were different. Some terminals need 4x2 models, others 4x4. Our terminal in Portugal serves Ro-Ro ferries so the tractors needed hydraulics for the cassette systems they use. When deciding on the specifications our in-house engineering team was in close contact with Terberg. Effective communications with Export manager Frank Oerlemans and Sales support manager Dennis Kerkhof contributed to a highly successful project.

About YILPORT and Raymond Hohle

YILPORT Holding was established in August 2011 to combine the port and container terminal operations of the YILDIRIM Group under one roof. The company operates 24 marine & 7 dry terminals in 12 countries spread among Türkiye, Mediterranean, Nordic, Iberia, Latin America, and African regions. The company handles container, general, bulk, liquid and Ro-Ro cargo and provides a vast range of value-added services.

Raymond, Chief Technical Officer of YILPORT Holding joined the company in 2020. He is at the headquarters in Istanbul in Türkiye, where he supports terminals in the portfolio. Having an experience over 30 years, Raymond worked on five different continents and more than 20 countries, where he developed good knowledge from the manufacturing and production industries for automation and asset management and has become part of YILPORT’s journey to becoming one of the Top Terminal Operators by 2030.


About Terberg Special Vehicles and Frank Oerlemans

Terberg Special Vehicles (TSV) designs and builds tractors for use in ports, distribution centres and industry. The range also includes swap body carriers and container carriers. The main TSV plant is located at Benschop in the Netherlands and supplies vehicles worldwide. There is also a vehicle assembly plant in Malaysia, and one is being built in the United States. 

Frank is an automotive engineer and has been working at Terberg Benschop for many years, currently as Export manager. For this project he supported communications between YILPORT, the three national Terberg distributors supplying the vehicles, and the factory.