Terberg EMEA Distributor Days 2023: Shaping the Future of Transportation through Innovation and Collaboration

9/28/2023 4:41:52 PM

The Terberg EMEA Distributor Days 2023 on 19 & 20 September unfolded as a remarkable convergence of industry leaders, distributors, and experts from across the EMEA region. This two-day event showcased the company's commitment to fostering innovation, building strong partnerships, and driving growth in the automotive and logistics sectors. Hosted by Terberg's headquarters in Benschop, the event not only marked two days of industry insights, workshops, and networking but also celebrated a remarkable milestone - 50 years of Terberg's excellence in producing Terminal Tractors.

The first day of the Terberg EMEA Distributor Days was held in het magnificent surroundings of Castle De Haar in Utrecht, Netherlands. Two insightful plenary sessions explored the latest industry trends, Terberg's strategic vision, and opportunities for distributors to excel in a rapidly evolving landscape. The event kicked off with a warm welcome from Terberg's CEO, Mr. Rob van Hove, who highlighted the company's journey, its values, and its commitment to sustainability and innovation. He stressed the importance of working together to achieve common goals.

During the day, a series of hands-on workshops allowed distributors to dive deeper into various aspects of Terberg's products and services to receive in-depth training on Terberg's latest models, and technologies, ensuring they were well-equipped to serve their customers with excellence. These interactive sessions covered a range of topics like product training, including the YT & Terberg Connect, International Key Accounts, RT, Competitor Comparison, OPC Configurator. This year Terberg also introduced a new workshop topic: Daily Challenges. This special workshop served as a platform for distributors to come together, share their everyday issues, and collectively devise effective solutions to improve Terberg’s processes and services.

The programme wrapped up with a debate about Alternative Fuels by Eric Dijkema, Key Account Manager Lubricants at Shell and Remy de Bruijn, Business Development Manager at Terberg. They shared their perspectives on current trends in alternative fuels and challenges facing the energy transition in the automotive sector. In the evening there was a closing ceremony that celebrated the spirit of partnership and 50 years of producing Terminal Tractors.

The second day took place at Terberg Benschop where distributors were offered a unique opportunity to step behind the scenes and embark on a captivating journey through the inner workings of the Terberg factory. This exclusive factory tour provided an up-close look at the precision, dedication, and innovation that drive Terberg's success. Three new vehicles were presented; a Proof of concept for an Electric version of the RT model, the body carrier BC203EV and the Drive by Wire YT193.

Distributors got a glimpse into the future of Terminal Tractors and left with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to take their businesses to new heights. The event underscored that, together, the future is bright, sustainable, and filled with exciting possibilities for all those involved.