Shipping parts worldwide

Every day we ship tractor components to customers all over the world. Our extensive inventory means that 96% of orders can be supplied from stock. We are usually able to deliver to European destinations within 24 hours and worldwide within 48 hours.

Availability of spares is guaranteed for 15 years after delivery of a vehicle, and generally for much longer. The detailed customer database enables our spares specialists to quickly determine the appropriate parts for each vehicle.

If there is a Terberg distributor in your region then please contact them to order spares. In other cases you can contact the Spare Parts department directly.

In addition to spare parts for Terberg tractors we can also supply common parts such as filters for a range of other equipment.

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Spare Parts Team

Spare Parts Team

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"We want to make life as easy as possible for our customers, and that means supporting them with prompt deliveries and helping them determine the right parts for their vehicle."

Mr. Dave Brouwer Parts Manager