Trieste Marine Terminal enjoys the benefits of Terberg Connect

10/12/2021 9:47:48 AM - Terberg Special Vehicles

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Trieste Marine Terminal is constantly working on innovation and digitalisation and has therefore opted for a fleet interconnection system. The company currently has 40 Terberg tractors with Terberg Connect and uses all the functions of the system. Sandro Piroddi and Piero Riontino of the TMT Technical Office told us about their experience with Terberg Connect.

What functions of Terberg Connect do you use most?

Terberg Connect is a very effective tool to manage and rationally schedule regular maintenance. Thanks to the telemetry data Terberg Connect signals any anomalies on the vehicles and we are able to act promptly and solve the problems encountered. Furthermore, another function which we highly appreciate and use is the possibility of creating personalized reports and alerts, sent to specified e-mail addresses.

How do you use Terberg Connect for service and maintenance?

The use of telemetry systems, telematics and CAN bus alerts has become essential in our job and allows us to perform preventive diagnosis, and implement a planned use of our fleet. Maintenance alerts were set up as indicated by Terberg and are a great help to us. Contractually, we have to respect a maximum of running hours during the calendar year: thanks to such alerts we are able to balance the use of vehicles in line with the wear and tear of the equipment, as planned at company level. Furthermore, the system allows, in line with company guidelines, a targeted and coherent scheduling for the replacement of equipment to maintain a modern, high performance fleet.

“A function, which we highly appreciate and widely use, is creating personalised reports and alerts”

How does Terberg Connect support your fleet management and what 
improvements have you seen?
Maintenance is planned with extreme precision and is simpler and faster. We find the photo upload function very useful, for example, to report any damage and therefore share information in real time with colleagues.

What are the main benefits of Terberg Connect?
The system is an excellent source of information. It allows us to enhance our information flows, which means time and cost optimisation. The daily report, set at a certain time, provides us with a snapshot in real time with details of the running hours of all the tractors. This is useful for a correct supervision and scheduling of actions, such as checking the battery, AdBlue and fuel level. Such data, sent regularly, avoids on-site checks by an operator and gives us an immediate overview of which vehicles need refuelling, fluids exchange, top-ups, etc.

Do you use the Terberg Connect app on mobile devices?

We mainly work with the desktop version, but we also use the Terberg Connect GO app. Notifications on mobile phones, such as setting alerts on specific vehicles, are very convenient, as we get an immediate feedback. 

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What about the support provided by Manuport for Terberg Connect?
We are satisfied with Manuport’s support, both for some issues and for the assistance given in the development of the system. Considering the positive feedback, we are keen to further investigate the use and potential of the system, also through refresher courses, to make the most of the software.

About TMT

The group Trieste Marine Terminal is a member of the T.O. Delta Group, one of the most important logistics and transport operators in Italy and abroad. In 2004, T.O. Delta acquired the shares in Trieste Marine Terminal (TMT), the container terminal of the Port of Trieste. From the acquisition of the concession and full ownership of TMT, T.O. Delta group has planned medium to long-term investments to make the container terminal a modern, effective and efficient port gateway and main hub of the Adriatic sea. Its geographic position makes it perfect for connections with Eastern Europe. Over the years, a company of the MSC group has taken over the shares, as an ideal and strategic partner to increase the development of the terminal. The expansion of Pier VII is planned for the medium term. This will allow TMT to raise the capacity from 900,000 TEU to 1.2 million TEU per year. In addition, replacement and refurbishment of the equipment is planned to ensure the best and most efficient service for new generation ships.

Targets and strategies
One of the main targets of Trieste Marine Terminal is to strengthen its position as a natural gateway hub for the transport of goods for Central-Eastern Italy and for the countries of Central-Eastern Europe, to develop its potential to the fullest and to ensure the shipowners and the entire supply chain a quick service combined with time and cost savings. The ongoing investments in the modernization of the facilities and equipment of the terminal, as well as in the constantly trained and high skilled personnel, guarantee the operational efficiency and development of intermodal services, not only as a corporate goal, but also as a global development of combined transport.