First units of new Terberg RR283 Road Rail Tractor delivered

11/30/2023 11:00:00 PM - Terberg Special Vehicles

The first units of the new RR283 Road Rail Tractor have been supplied to our partner ZAGRO Bahn- und Baumaschinen GmbH where the rail components  are fitted. The RRs are mostly sold through ZAGRO, who have the required railway industry expertise.

The most visible difference compared to the previous model is that the RR283 is fitted with basically the same cab as the YTxx3. This cabin enabled us to reduce the development time of the new model and it gives the operator a
comfortable working environment.

The great advantage of our road/rail vehicles is that they can easily move between tracks on paved shunting yards. That saves a lot of time and cost compared with moving locomotives between tracks, across points in the rails.

The units can also travel between shunting yards on the public roads, which is much more convenient than having to arrange track access. Another advantage is that the rubber tyres give great traction on the track. Because of that our unit can have a much lower weight than a conventional locomotive with steel wheels, and the fuel consumption is lower. Finally, using standard automotive components where possible instead of specialist railway components reduces the maintenance costs.

Peter Wirth, Zagro Sales Director: “The first two RR283s of the order of five for Romania have already been delivered to the customer and taken into service. The first was equipped with a rail guide which makes it possible to adjust the standard track of 1435 mm to 1520 mm at the push of a button using hydraulic adjustment of the rail axles. This means that both rail networks can be used in the border area between Bulgaria and Ukraine. The second RR283 was delivered with a gauge of 1435 mm for the rail network in Bulgaria. ZAGRO has already received further orders with the southern widths of 1435 mm, 1668 mm and 1520 mm from Austria, Portugal and Azerbaijan.”