DP World Callao fleet of 20 Electric Terberg Terminal Tractors in full operation

DP World Callao fleet of 20 Electric Terberg Terminal Tractors in full operation

6/10/2024 4:50:49 PM - Terberg Special Vehicles

The 236 kWh capacity fully supports daily operations at the terminal. The shunt trucks are running 15-20 hours a day, averaging 12 hours on a single charge.

DP World's Callao terminal in Peru has successfully integrated a fleet of 20 electric Terberg Terminal Tractors into its daily operations. These Terbergs, with a 236 kWh battery capacity, are now running 15-20 hours each day, marking a significant milestone in terminal logistics.

The initial units began operations in mid-February after comprehensive training and pre-delivery inspections. This deployment represents the first large-scale use of electric terminal tractors in South America, highlighting the commitment of both DP World and Terberg to global electrification. "It is a real testament to the cooperation of DPW and Terberg," states Ferdinand Terberg, VP of Terberg Americas.

The results have been very promising. The tractors are operational for 15-20 hours per day, averaging 12 hours on a single charge. All units are performing well and we see that the energy efficiency is good. Drivers have quickly adapted to the single pedal driving system, which reduces forced braking and maximizes the regenerative capabilities of the drivetrain. This results in a net consumption of around 13-14 kWh per hour. Marco Hernández, Terminal Manager at DP World Callao, confirms that the 3-pack setup of the 236 kWh battery capacity is sufficient to support terminal operations.

"This large implementation has already provided us with valuable insights and, above all, confidence in the design, quality, and capabilities required for such a deployment," adds Mr. Terberg. The robust parallel battery design allows the trucks to continue operating even if one of the battery packs encounters an error.”

The Terminal Tractors operate seamlessly with the charging infrastructure supplied by Enel X Way, which includes ten 200 kW dual gun fast chargers. "The designed layout we chose supports the high operational utilization of the fleet," says Roberto Gifuni, Engineering Director at DP World Callao. To date, the fleet has accumulated over 20,000 operational hours, underscoring the success and efficiency of this electrification project.