Vlotweg Transport shunts much faster and more comfortably with its first terminal tractor

7/1/2021 10:06:10 AM - Terberg Special Vehicles

Vlotweg Transport recently purchased their first Terberg terminal tractor and manager Stef Bakker enthuses about it "Shunting now takes a bit over an hour, instead of 2.5 hours, and with much less physical effort by the operator. As a result, more of our people are now prepared to do the job.

At the weekend we often have to shunt 20 semi-trailers in the evening, both at customer sites and at our own warehouse. We used to use a conventional road tractor for that and the job easily took 2.5 hours. It also took a lot of physical effort: after positioning a semi-trailer you had to get out of the cab, climb up the truck to disconnect the air hoses, climb down and lower the landing gear, and then get back into the cab. And the other way round when coupling to a semi-trailer. That was really exhausting, especially when working in the evening or at the weekend.

A year and a half ago we rented a Terberg tractor of the previous generation to see if that made a difference. It certainly did! Now you disconnect the hoses from the platform behind the cab, and because of the lifting fifth wheel you no longer have to raise and lower the landing gear.

Because of this positive experience we decided to buy a terminal tractor. We received our YT193 two months ago. It's even better than the old model, more comfortable, great visibility and the mirrors no longer vibrate. In fact, I can't think of anything to make it better.

We use this terminal tractor both on our own yard and at customer sites on the industrial estate here, so we also take it on public roads. Maintenance is covered by a service contract with Terberg."