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On 30 January 2015 we reached an important milestone in our history, when the 25,000th vehicle rolled off the assembly line. This was preceded by a long period of finding our way, persevering, and starting again when necessary.

Our family business started in 1869 when my great-grandfather, Johannes Bernardus Terberg, opened his village forge. He did all sorts of jobs for the local farmers, such as shoeing horses and repairing agricultural equipment. In 1915 his son, Willem George, took the business over and in the late 1930s his sons Goof and Ferdinand joined him as assistant blacksmiths. The third generation realised that horses would slowly be replaced by trucks.

After the Second World War they started buying US army trucks and Jeeps, left in the Netherlands under the Marshall Plan. They converted these trucks for use in the construction industry. The objective was to progress to producing trucks of Terberg's own design. In 1966 the first Terberg 6x6 truck was introduced on the market, with a payload of 8 tonnes. In 1968 a 6x6 truck with a payload of 12 tonnes was introduced.

In 1973 Terberg decided to develop a terminal tractor for handling loaded trailers in ports, to become less dependent on the construction industry. Terminal and RoRo tractors eventually developed into the company's speciality.

In the late 1970s, the fourth generation of the family started managing the business and built around 150 to 200 vehicles per year. Revenues really increased in the 1990s - in this period we developed our own distribution network for the sales and servicing of terminal tractors. The growth of container shipping and the world economy gave us an opportunity to sell more vehicles. In addition to the port tractor market, other markets such as logistics, distribution centres, heavy industry, road/rail operations and airports became significant.

Our objective was to have our own subsidiaries in the centre of Europe, in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Markets in other countries worldwide would be served by independent distributors. We have now realised that objective, step by step. Additionally, we realised that to serve customers in South East Asia , a rapidly developing market, we would have to assemble vehicles locally. This resulted in a joint venture, Terberg Tractors Malaysia. That brought us closer to our customers, reduced transport and labour costs, and avoided import duties.

In 2009 we set up a sales office in Dubai to coordinate the sales of vehicles and spares in the Middle East and Africa. Later, we followed the same strategy when we opened an office in Miami to target markets in the Americas and the Pacific region.

Terberg vehicles are now in use in over 100 countries. We would like to thank our employees for their hard work and commitment, and our distributors and Terberg subsidiaries for their professional support of our products. But most of all we would like to thank our customers for their confidence in our vehicles and the Terberg organisation. We will do our utmost to continue to offer first-class service and support, now and in the future.

George Terberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors Terberg Group

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